Gillie and Marc, She only played the songs she wrote

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Gillie and Marc, bronze

She only played the songs she wrote 

Dimensions 33.0 x 27.0 x 26.0 CM (H*L*W) 5.2 kg

Materials Bronze

Editions /20

Price upon request

Music has always been a huge inspiration for Gillie and Marc. Whenever they’re painting, they listen to their favourite sound tracks! They love the way a tune can elicit powerful emotions. Music also has the power to bring people together…to the right song, a look can tell an entire story! The artists created Rabbitgirl and Dogman, along with all of their friends, playing instruments that express their individuality to a beat they an all dance to. These limited bronze-creations will bring vibrancy and fun to any room!

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European Auction


Thursday September the 23rd





Purchased by commission from the artist in 1956, intended to decorate the hall of the French Embassy in Tokyo






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