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Don't know Gillie & Marc ? Have a look to the New York Times Magazine article "How Paparazzi Dogs and Rabbitgirl conquered New York City Streets"

New events about Gillie and Marc : 

Art Fights Fire : Right now, Australia, our home, is under siege. The bushfires have ripped through our beautiful country at an unprecedented rate and it brings us to tears. The loss we are facing, not only at the human level but at the ecological level is devastating. It is estimated that over a billion animals have lost their lives in the fires.

King Nyani relaxing, save the spieces

20 baby elephants are now up up for adoption

The Snow Lovers Experience by Gillie & Marc

The Snow Lovers’ shows Gillie and Marc’s iconic characters, Rabbitwoman and Dogman, in a winter wonderland.

This amazing sculpture has been installed in major cities across the world to show love and acceptance and is part of the ‘Travel Everywhere With Love’ project.

20 baby bronze elephants are now up for adoption

New-York City - Gillie & Marc sculptures Statues for Equality


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Wednesday, July, the 8th- 4 PM


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